Saturday, December 17, 2011


Jeff Green is out for the season.  His recently signed 1-year contract with the Celtics was voided because he didn't pass his physical.  The reasoning was hush until today.  He has a heart problem, which will require surgery scheduled for Monday.

All of the coverage of this story described it as a "mystery illness" and said they didn't know what was wrong with him.  The "mystery illness" has now been described as an aortic aneurysm, as reported by Yahoo! Sports.

The Celtics have dealt with things like this in the past, except they caught it this time.  In 1993, Reggie Lewis died on a practice court from a heart condition.  The Celtics also lost a draftee in 1986, when Len Bias died of a cocaine overdose while celebrating being drafted two days later.

Jeff Green was viewed as a solid player when he was in Oklahoma City, then was traded to the Celtics and has been seen as not so good.  I still think he's a good player with good upside.  He'll be missing this season, but I hope he returns to the NBA and makes some noise.

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