Wednesday, May 9, 2012


     Andre Miller didn't want to be a backup after being a starter in the NBA for so long.  He'd still rather be a starter, but he's helping lead the young Denver Nuggets.  They'd love it if he'd stay.

     Dre got his share of criticism throughout the season, including from me.  I was not impressed by his play.  The first part of the season, he seemed to only be playing for himself; taking poor shots, throwing the ball away, etc.  Then he separated his shoulder and played through it like a warrior.  I'm assuming its because of the injury that he stopped taking the bad shots, and seemed to find his groove.  Since then he's been making everyone on the team look better with his playmaking.  He's shown he's one of the best passers in the league constantly setting the Mile High squad up for easy buckets and alley oop dunks.  From the surface, it would appear "The Manimal" Kenneth Faried and JaVale McGee benefit most from his play, but everyone on the Nuggets has benefited due to him.  Although, he and JaVale obviously have a chemistry that can't be denied.

     He still takes the occasional ill advised jumper that makes Nuggets fans cringe, but occasionally they fall with a sigh of relief (like the 2 three pointers last night).  Even though, the poor shots are fewer these days, as he's been getting to the rim like the rest of the team.  

     He even gave a pep talk to the team before last nights Game 5 victory in LA to stay alive and force a Game 6 back in Denver.  I don't know what he said, but I've been convinced he is a good piece for this team.  He offers experience and knowledge for the young guys, and can help guide them and help them mature into a great team. 

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